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Physician making echocardiography for male patient heart, focus screen of echocardiography


Ultrasound scan of the heart performed whilst laying on a bed. Looks for abnormalities of the heart muscle, valves. and major blood vessels. 


Stress Testing

ECG and ultrasound performed before and after exercise to determine your heart's functional capacity and to detect early evidence of blockages in the coronary arteries. 

Cardiac CT & Calcium Score

CT scan of the heart using contrast dye to image the blood vessels to detect blockages that may lead to a heart attack. .

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Cardiac MRI

Highly specialised scan of the heart to detect heart muscle disorders and  accurately measure the heart's size and performance.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

ECG, Holter and Event Monitoring

Electrical monitoring of the heart to detect heart rhythm disorders.

Image by Mockup Graphics

24hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

At home monitoring of your blood pressure to detect and treat hypertension. 

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